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Olive Oil
The extra virgin olive oil is the top quality category of oil and the basis for creating all types of higher quality oil, such as organic olive oil PDO. It is low acidity and receive from the fruit of the olive using only mechanical and natural methods, without any treatment at temperatures exceed 27 degrees Celsius.In this way the oil retains all of physicochemical properties, as the aroma of strong taste, and all beneficial for health ingredients. Around 70% of Greek olive oil production (in some areas reaches 90%) belongs to the category of higher quality extra virgin.

The oil contribute:

  • In formulating a balanced diet.
  • The reduction of bad cholesterol (ldl), without affecting the good cholesterol (hdl) to avoid concentration athiromatikis plakas on the walls of the ducts.
  • In protecting the body from serious diseases such kardiopatheies sakcharodis and diabetes.

There are also evidences that oil contributes:

  • In limiting the likelihood of infection from breast cancer and rapid gut.
  • In the prevention of ageing nerve cells.
  • In reducing the probability of occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis.

Olive oil is the oil obtained from the fruit of the olive tree by means mechanical and physical treatment, while the temperature and lighting does not alter his recommendation. Olive oil is absolutely natural product that can be eaten as soon as it received. Assimilated by the body as 98% and assign the same number of calories with all other vegetable oils is 9.3 for every gram.

It is a major source of fat in the Mediterranean Diet. Sources of fat is all fat and butter, animal and plant origin. The fat of plant origin contain more polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids and are considered friendly to the body and health, while not contain no cholesterol. In contrast to animal fat containing a large number of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol and pose a risk to health and body.

Olive oil is low in saturated fatty acids and high in monounsaturated. On average, calculated that consists of 14% saturated fat, 11% polyunsaturated and 60-80% oleic acid. At the same time it contains polyphenols, flavonoeidi, vitamin E, provitamin A, minerals and trace elements. All these micro operate antioxidants for the boby. The antioxidants protect the body from damage from oxidation of free radicals, while transforming itself into a strong oil product profylassontas from the oxidation.