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Olive Tree
The olive tree is a blessed tree, which thrives in stony agono and the Mediterranean. It produces fruit under adverse conditions of drought, strong winds and high temperatures, while longevity and productivity, wrote the history of the Mediterranean peoples. The olive tree has highlighted, ethrepse, cured, stefanose, kallopise and identified with high ideals and inspired the akmaiotato for many years culture in the eastern Mediterranean. Symbol knowledge, wisdom, abundance, peace, health, power and beauty latreftike for thousands of years. It is a living part of a heavy cultural heritage, legends, traditions and religious rituals inextricably linked with flowering, with the harvest and production of oil. The olive tree has bequeathed us a very complex legacy of values, prosperity and culture, which only recently able to evaluate and defend.

The official name of aeithalous yperaionovias olive is Olea Europea Sativa. Eximeromeno The tree has origin from the eastern Mediterranean basin. Fit in long-term dry and hot summers and shows great strength and at temperatures reaching many times the 0 ° C. The olive trees in adulthood are medium-size trees. In some cases the trees and can reach 10 meters. Nevertheless meet and dwarf trees for ornamental reasons. In the Mediterranean area anthoforoun trees in the late spring (April-May), while the harvest begins in late November and ends in February for the more southern regions.