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Olive Press

Our olive mill is the first centrifugal olive press in continental Greece from 1976. The region, the ground and prevailed climatic conditions help the olive to shape fruits healthy and riches in qualitative oil.  Beyond however by the good fruit, for the production aromatic and savory olive oil are required knowledge and experience in the way of pressing olive-crop as well as modern instruments. These it is that makes our olive mill  distinguish in the region and make us proud for the quality of olive oil that we produce.  Our recently rebuild olive mill , so much in of buildings installations what in instruments forfiils the all specifications of hygiene and is certified with ISO 22000 and ISO 9001: 2000.

The virgin olive oil constitutes by its very nature a pure and absolutely healthy product. Is a natural juice rich in flavour, perfume and nutritious components unbreakably connected with the Greek traditional gastronomy. It also constitutes basic element of Mediterranean diet, which proposes worldwide as the more ideal model of healthy diet.

The exceptional virgin olive oil constitutes the leading qualitative category of olive oil and the base for the creation of all superior qualitatively types of olive oil, as biological olive oil. It is low acidity and you receive from the fruit of olive with the use exclusively mechanic and natural methods, that is to say without no treatment in temperatures that exceed the 27 degrees of Celsius. With the way this olive oil maintains the total of his physical and chemical attributes, as the perfume the intense flavour, as well as all the beneficial for his health components. The 70% of Greek production of olive oil (that in certain regions it reaches the 90%) belong in the superior qualitative category exceptional virgin